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The world of modern medicine and healthcare is moving at a rapid pace and technologies are advancing at a phenomenal rate. One of the most impressive and useful technologies is computed radiography which has now overtaken the use of traditional radiography techniques thanks to the many advantages that it offers over its non-digital predecessor. The x-ray generators that are required for this application within the life sciences sector must be high-voltage, high-performance and highly-accurate. This is where Gulmay’s products can prove to be indispensable.

X-Ray Generators and Their Computed Radiography Applications

Not only does computed radiography eliminate the need for costly consumables, thus saving the healthcare sector money, but it also reduces the length of time taken for images to be made available and assessed by medical practitioners. More importantly, computed radiography allows more detail to be observed and analysed in each image because of the higher dynamic range in comparison to standard film. Operators enjoy a safer work environment and a simplified workflow while patients benefit from faster results and more accurate diagnosis.

In order to harness the power of computed radiography, it is essential for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare settings to have a high-quality x-ray generator that ensures accurate and repeatable results. Gulmay’s x-ray generators have been designed with the specific needs of the medical sector in mind, and our products reliably meet the requirements of this demanding industry.

Gulmay’s High-voltage X-Ray Generators for The Life Science Industry

Gulmay is committed to ensuring the highest quality x-ray generator products for the needs of the life sciences sector. As leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of high-voltage x-ray generators, Gulmay is proud that the largest manufacturer in the world of therapeutic x-ray equipment has exclusively selected our products for use in its own applications.

Therapeutic radiography is a sensitive and demanding application, and therefore ultra-high repeatability and stability of x-ray generators is absolutely essential. Gulmay guarantees the accuracy and high-performance of our products for the successful delivery worldwide of radiotherapy treatment in hospitals. With two series of generators that are designed specifically with the requirements of hospital radiography systems in mind, our products not only perform traditional imaging radiography tasks but are also capable of carrying out more complex medical radiotherapy in which absolutely reliability and accuracy are essential. For this reason, Gulmay is the x-ray generator supplier of choice for leading medical institutions worldwide.





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