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CP SERIES (3200W – 4500W)

The Gulmay CP Series combines high power with unparalleled reliability through a broad x-ray power and energy spectrum. The CP series operates up to 4500W and is available in a wide range of output voltage configurations from 65KV to 450KV. High mA CP models are available where applications call for a particularly high dose rate. CP series generators can be used to power small focal spot x-ray tubes for imaging and high-power tubes for higher density materials. In addition to a wide range of traditional imaging radiography, the CP series is widely used in critical areas of security and medical radiotherapy where accuracy and reliability are essential. The CP series incorporates an accurate feedback system that constantly monitors the x-ray tube mA and KV to ensure precise and stable output. The generator status is monitored by the internal electronics to maintain safe and reliable operation. A choice of analogue or digital controls is available to facilitate simple integration into automated inspection systems. The digital control supports RS232, RS422 and Ethernet interface protocols. The oil-filled high-voltage system provides greater thermal dissipation than resin-filled designs, increasing reliability and ensuring both a 100% duty cycle and full field serviceability. The CP series of generators is compatible with x-ray tubes from all leading manufacturers.
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