X-ray technology has now been successfully integrated into the field of coordinate metrology thanks to its flexibility and innovation.

X-ray technology has found diverse applications in metrology and calibration across various industries due to its ability to provide non-destructive inspection, precise measurements, and accurate calibration including the following x-ray metrology and calibration applications.

X-Ray Metrology and Calibration Applications

Dimensional Metrology

X-ray imaging allows for the measurement of internal and external dimensions of complex components without the need for disassembly. This is particularly valuable in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics, where intricate parts require precise measurements.

Surface Metrology

X-ray techniques can be used to analyse surface morphology and roughness with high precision. This is crucial for ensuring the quality and functionality of components in applications where surface characteristics are critical, such as in medical devices or semiconductor manufacturing.

Defect Detection and Analysis

X-ray inspection enables the detection and analysis of defects such as voids, cracks, porosity, and inclusions in materials and components. By identifying these defects early in the manufacturing process, companies can prevent costly rework or product failures.

Material Analysis

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis is used for elemental and chemical analysis of materials. This technique helps verify material composition, detect impurities, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards in industries such as pharmaceuticals, mining, and metallurgy.

Calibration of X-ray Equipment

X-ray sources, detectors, and imaging systems require regular calibration to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. X-ray calibration standards are established and maintained to trace measurements back to internationally recognised units, ensuring consistency and reliability in metrology applications.

Quality Control in Additive Manufacturing

X-ray computed tomography (CT) is widely used for quality control in additive manufacturing (3D printing). CT scans provide detailed 3D images of printed parts, allowing manufacturers to verify dimensional accuracy, detect defects, and assess internal structures without destructive testing.

Metrology in Electronics Industry

X-ray metrology is extensively used in the electronics industry for inspecting solder joints, wire bonds, and electronic components. X-ray imaging techniques help ensure the reliability and functionality of electronic devices by detecting defects such as voids, cracks, and misalignments.

Gulmay Generators for the Metrology Industry

Microfocus x-ray solutions

Microfocus Generators

Gulmay’s Microfocus generator line up has grown to include generators ranging from 65kV up to 320kV.

Microfocus x-ray solutions


The DT-225 high volatage divider tank is designed for precision measurement of any high voltage generator output.

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Gulmay’s broad range of X-ray generators and sub-systems from 50 – 550kV and 640 – 4,500W provide the perfect solution for every NDT inspection need including film radiography, computed tomography and digital radiography, testing to detect internal defects, assess material composition, and ensure the integrity and safety of various materials and structures across industries.

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Gulmay offer a range of TSA-ready high voltage generators for security applications including cargo screening and back-scatter imaging systems. Performance and reliability backed up by a Global support network means an OEM partner you can trust.

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X-ray technology offers versatile capabilities that make it well-suited for a wide range of sorting applications across various industries. Gulmay x-ray generators are used in a wide range of sorting applications including x-ray fluorescence systems that sort many of the world’s diamonds.

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Gulmay has developed air and water-cooled x-ray generators with the ruggedness and durability needed to operate reliably in the harshest of environments. With their unique design features, Gulmay X-ray generators are found in many steel manufacturing plants around the world.

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Gulmay was the world’s first x-ray generator manufacturer to provide a dedicated solution to meet the unique requirements posed by demountable x-ray tubes.

Today, Gulmay offers the widest range of generators designed to suit the needs of every microfocus tube manufacturer.

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Food Inspection

Ensuring the safety of packaged and tinned foods is imperative before these products enter the consumer supply chain. X-ray inspection systems have become the industry standard for ensuring maximum detection.

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