X-rays offer versatile and effective solutions for irradiation and decontamination processes across a range of industries, contributing to public health, environmental protection, and safety standards. Advances in X-ray technology continue to enhance the efficiency and applicability of these methods in diverse fields.

X-Ray Irradiation & Decontamination Applications


Medical Sterilisation

X-rays are widely used in medical facilities for sterilising medical equipment, such as surgical instruments, catheters, and implants. The high-energy X-rays penetrate the material and disrupt the DNA of microorganisms, effectively killing them and preventing infection.

Food Preservation

In the food industry, X-ray irradiation is utilised to extend the shelf life of various food products. By exposing foods to controlled doses of X-rays, harmful bacteria, insects, and parasites can be eliminated, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses and spoilage. Commonly treated foods include spices, fruits, vegetables, and meat products.

Pharmaceutical Industry

X-ray irradiation is employed to sterilise pharmaceutical products and ingredients. This ensures the safety and efficacy of medications by eliminating microbial contamination and extending their shelf life.


Nuclear Decontamination

In nuclear facilities, X-rays are utilised for decontamination purposes following radioactive spills or accidents. X-ray beams are directed at contaminated surfaces to break down radioactive isotopes and remove them from the environment, minimising the spread of radiation and reducing the risk to workers and the public.

Environmental Cleanup

X-ray technology is used in environmental remediation efforts to decontaminate soil, water, and air polluted with hasardous substances. By irradiating contaminated materials, chemical pollutants can be degraded or transformed into less harmful compounds, facilitating the cleanup of polluted sites.

Industrial Applications

X-ray decontamination is employed in various industrial settings to remove contaminants from manufacturing equipment, machinery, and surfaces. This helps maintain product quality, ensure workplace safety, and comply with regulatory standards.

Generators for the Irradiation & Decontamination Industry

Microfocus x-ray solutions


The DT-225 high volatage divider tank is designed for precision measurement of any high voltage generator output.

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Gulmay’s broad range of X-ray generators and sub-systems from 50 – 550kV and 640 – 4,500W provide the perfect solution for every NDT inspection need including film radiography, computed tomography and digital radiography, testing to detect internal defects, assess material composition, and ensure the integrity and safety of various materials and structures across industries.

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Gulmay offer a range of TSA-ready high voltage generators for security applications including cargo screening and back-scatter imaging systems. Performance and reliability backed up by a Global support network means an OEM partner you can trust.

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X-ray technology offers versatile capabilities that make it well-suited for a wide range of sorting applications across various industries. Gulmay x-ray generators are used in a wide range of sorting applications including x-ray fluorescence systems that sort many of the world’s diamonds.

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Gulmay has developed air and water-cooled x-ray generators with the ruggedness and durability needed to operate reliably in the harshest of environments. With their unique design features, Gulmay X-ray generators are found in many steel manufacturing plants around the world.

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Gulmay was the world’s first x-ray generator manufacturer to provide a dedicated solution to meet the unique requirements posed by demountable x-ray tubes.

Today, Gulmay offers the widest range of generators designed to suit the needs of every microfocus tube manufacturer.

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Food Inspection

Ensuring the safety of packaged and tinned foods is imperative before these products enter the consumer supply chain. X-ray inspection systems have become the industry standard for ensuring maximum detection.

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