High power, high frequency x-ray generators from 50kV to 550kV, in unipolar and bi-polar configurations. Our wide range of generators are designed to perfectly match industrial x-ray sources and our modular design approach means we are the perfect partner where a customised generator is needed.

FC Series X-Ray Generators

FC Series (640W – 1000W)

The FC Series of x-ray high-voltage generators is available in either 640W or high-power 1000W options. Both the standard and high-power options are available in a wide range of output voltages from 65kV to 225kV unipolar versions as well as a 320kV bipolar generator, used widely in cargo screening systems.

FC Series

CF Series (1250W – 1800W)

The CF Series is offered in 1250W and 1800W options available, and with a wide choice of output voltage configurations from 50KV up to 550KV. The CF series utilises variable frequency technology for precise and stable output, making it the perfect choice for CT and other applications which require an extremely precise and stable x-ray output.

CF Series
GX Series X-Ray Generators

GX Series (3025W – 4500W)

The GX is offered in 3025W, 4000W and 4500W options, and available in output voltage configurations from 65KV up to 450KV. With active PFC and fast rise and slew rates, the GX series is the ideal choice for CT and high speed imaging applications

GX Series
CP Series x-ray generator

CP Series (3200W – 4500W)

The Gulmay CP Series combines high power with outstanding reliability through a broad x-ray power and energy spectrum. Offered in 3200W, 4000W and 4500W options, with output voltage configurations from 65KV to 550KV. High mA CP models are available where applications call for a high dose rate.

CP Series
Microfocus X-Ray Generators

Microfocus X-Ray Generators

Gulmay has earned a unique place in the development of the microfocus inspection technique. In 1982, Gulmay became the world’s first generator manufacturer to provide a dedicated power supply solution to meet the unique requirements posed by demountable x-ray tubes.

Microfocus X-Ray Generators

Customised Generators

With over 40 years of experience, Gulmay has a demonstrable track record of delivering complex customised X-ray and E-beam generator developments on budget and on time.

Customised Generators