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Gulmay is the world leader in providing high quality, high voltage X-Ray Generators. With a comprehensive range of equipment that is guaranteed to be able to meet any demand, the customer-focused company has designed every generator to be cost-effective, robust and manufactured to an impeccable standard.

As an essential part of an x-ray system, it is vital to have a modern, high-quality x-ray generator that meets and exceeds expectations. At Gulmay a range of standard x-ray generators are available for you to choose from, depending on your requirements.

FC SERIES (640W – 1000W)

Our FC Series is offered as either a 640W which is standard or can be provided as a high-power option at 1000W. Both options are available in in a variety of output voltage formations and with a choice of analogue or digital controls. This series is often selected for tasks such as tyre inspections, food inspection, sorting and scanning of small parcels.

CF SERIES (1250W – 1800W)

The CF Series of high-voltage x-ray generators with between 1250W and 1800W options available, and with an array of output voltage configurations between 50KV up to 550KV. This series utilises variable frequency technology for precise and stable output, making it the perfect choice for CT and other applications which require an extremely precise and stable x-ray output.

CP SERIES (3200W – 4500W)

The Gulmay CP Series provides excellent reliability for high powered x-ray generator systems of between 3200W or 4500W, and come in a range of output arrangements that start at 65KV and go to 450KV. This series is the perfect solution for when a high dose rate is required and is regularly purchased for usage in areas such as the medical profession and security.

GX SERIES (3025W – 4500W)

Our high specification x-ray generators range is known as the GX and provides an output power of between 3025W and 4500W, and available in output voltage configurations of between 50KV and 450KV. With excellent reliability and high performance, this series is ideal for specialised applications and NDT radiography. 


Gulmay has earned a unique place in the development of the microfocus inspection technique. In 1982, Gulmay became the world’s first generator manufacturer to provide a dedicated power supply solution to meet the unique requirements posed by demountable x-ray tubes.


Gulmay not only have a wide range of options available, but they are also able to provide customised solutions that you will find to be cost-effective and designed entirely around your needs. 

With all Gulmay x-ray generators, a range of x-ray tubes and various other components are available, designed to fit perfectly and compliment the generator that has been selected. Gulmay has services centres in the UK, US and China and a network of trained distributors worldwide, offering excellent support wherever you are based in the world.