Ensuring the safety of packaged and tinned foods is imperative before these products enter the consumer supply chain. X-ray inspection systems have become the industry standard for ensuring maximum detection.

X-Ray Generators For The Food Production Industry

Ensuring the safety of packaged and tinned foods is imperative before these products enter the consumer supply chain. It is for this reason that x-ray food inspection systems have become the industry standard for ensuring maximum contamination detection.

The most up to date x-ray systems for food inspection purposes are capable of inspecting a wide range of containers made from a variety of materials including plastic and foil, ensuring that everything from blister packs and sachets to cartons and trays can be thoroughly examined for defects, debris and other forms of contamination. However, to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness, the highest-quality, highest-performance x-ray generators are required, and Gulmay’s products are the number one choice.

X-ray technology is extensively used in food inspection for detecting contaminants, foreign objects, and quality defects in various food products.  Food inspection applications include:

Contaminant Detection

X-ray inspection systems are used to detect physical contaminants such as metal, glass, stone, plastic, or bone fragments in food products. These contaminants may accidentally enter the food supply chain during processing, packaging, or handling. X-ray systems can identify and remove contaminated products, ensuring food safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

Foreign Object Detection

X-ray inspection systems can detect a wide range of foreign objects in food products, including missing or broken components in packaged goods, rubber bands, insects, and even small pieces of equipment. By scanning food products with X-rays, these systems provide comprehensive inspection to ensure product integrity and consumer safety.

Quality Control

X-ray inspection is used for quality control purposes to detect defects such as broken or misshapen products, air pockets, or inconsistencies in product density. By identifying defects early in the production process, manufacturers can maintain product quality and consistency, reducing waste and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Package Integrity Inspection

X-ray systems are used to inspect the integrity of food packaging, including seals, closures, and labels. They can detect packaging defects such as leaks, seal irregularities, or foreign objects trapped inside packaging materials. Ensuring package integrity is essential for preventing contamination and maintaining product freshness.

Mass Measurement

X-ray inspection systems can also be used for mass measurement of food products, such as portion control in packaged goods or verifying the weight of bulk products. By accurately measuring product mass, manufacturers can ensure compliance with weight regulations and maintain consistency in product packaging.

Gulmay x-ray generators offer an accurate and reliable solution for food inspection system manufacturers, supported by our global service and support network.  Contact us today to learn how we can help with your food inspection application.

X-Ray Generators Food Inspection Applications

Gulmay’s line of high-voltage generators and integrated solutions ensures the safety of packaged and tinned foods before they enter the consumer supply chain. Whether you’re looking for physical contamination or performing fat analysis, Gulmay has a high-voltage generator for your application backed by a Global service network you can trust.

Food Inspection X-Ray

FC Series

FC generators are ideal for low powered NDT applications such as tyre and food inspection. Read more

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Gulmay’s broad range of X-ray generators and sub-systems from 50 – 550kV and 640 – 4,500W provide the perfect solution for every NDT inspection need including film radiography, computed tomography and digital radiography, testing to detect internal defects, assess material composition, and ensure the integrity and safety of various materials and structures across industries.

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Gulmay offer a range of TSA-ready high voltage generators for security applications including cargo screening and back-scatter imaging systems. Performance and reliability backed up by a Global support network means an OEM partner you can trust.

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X-ray technology offers versatile capabilities that make it well-suited for a wide range of sorting applications across various industries. Gulmay x-ray generators are used in a wide range of sorting applications including x-ray fluorescence systems that sort many of the world’s diamonds.

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Gulmay has developed air and water-cooled x-ray generators with the ruggedness and durability needed to operate reliably in the harshest of environments. With their unique design features, Gulmay X-ray generators are found in many steel manufacturing plants around the world.

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Gulmay was the world’s first x-ray generator manufacturer to provide a dedicated solution to meet the unique requirements posed by demountable x-ray tubes.

Today, Gulmay offers the widest range of generators designed to suit the needs of every microfocus tube manufacturer.

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