Gulmay are delighted to offer the new HP series of high power x-ray tubes, designed to meet the demanding requirements for industrial high speed digital imaging applications.

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Technical Data

1800W HP

The 1800W HP design enables higher power output at the same focal spot size as standard powered x-ray tubes. This higher power results in shorter exposure times enabling greater throughput and greater efficiency during the inspection process.

HP 160/20HP 160/11HP 225/11HP 225/20HP 320/11HP 450/11
Nominal Voltage160kV160kV225 kV225 Kv320 Kv450 Kv
Continuous Rating
Small Focus1000 Watts800 Watts800 Watts1000 Watts800 Watts700 Watts
Large Focus1000 Watts1800 Watts1800 Watts1000 Watts1800 Watts1500 Watts
Target MaterialTungstenTungstenTungstenTungstenTungstenTungsten
Target Angle20°11°11°20°11°11°
Coverage40°40° x 30°40° x 30°40°40° x 30°40° x 30°
Maximum mA @ max kV
Small Focus6.25 mA5.0 mA3.5 mA4.4 mA2.5 mA1.5 mA
Large Focus6.25 mA11.25 mA8.0 mA4.4 mA5.6 mA3.3 mA
Filtration0.8 mm Be0.8 mm Be0.8 mm Be0.8 mm Be3.0 mm Be5.0 mm Be
Focal Spot Size
EN 125431.0 mm0.4 mm0.4 mm1.0 mm0.4 mm0.4 mm
x1.0 mm x1.0 mm x1.0 mm x1.0 mm x1.0 mm x1.0 mm
Filament Current
Small Max4.1 Amps4.1 Amps4.1 Amps4.1 Amps4.1 Amps4.1 Amps
Large Max4.1 Amps4.1 Amps4.1 Amps4.1 Amps4.6 Amps4.6 Amps
Cooling MediumWaterWaterWaterWaterOilOil
Cooling Flow, Min4 L/minute4 L/minute4 L/minute4 L/minute14 L/minute14 L/minute
Lbs18 lbs18 lbs24 lbs24 lbs88 lbs209 lbs
Kg8 kg8 kg11 kg11 kg40 kg95 kg
Socket TypeR24R24R24R24R24R28

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