Gulmay UC Series microfocus x-ray generators are available from 65kV – 320kV with a variety of current and grid voltage options to suit the requirements of OEM demountable x-ray tube manufacturers.

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Gulmay has earned a unique place in the development of the microfocus inspection technique. In 1982, Gulmay became the world’s first generator manufacturer to provide a dedicated power supply solution specifically to meet the unique requirements posed by demountable microfocus x-ray tubes.

Working closely with microfocus tube manufacturers throughout the world, Gulmay developed the microfocus product line which continues to be the industry leader today. The line-up has grown to include generators ranging in output voltage from 65kV to 320kV.

Gulmay’s commitment to development and innovation has seen the introduction of new patented* Resonant Filament Supply technology for the UC Series which allows a much higher accuracy in controlling and monitoring the filament current.

The new closed loop output current regulation design leads to more stable filament current behaviour, with excellent linearity across the entire filament operating range. Significant reductions in mains or other low frequency noise associated with the auxiliary supply is achieved, while a novel primary current sense circuit allows for a very accurate output current monitor without the need for sensing at the filament itself, or within the HV assembly. This innovation results in improvements of over 70% in filament lifetime compared with standard microfocus filament technology according to laboratory tests.

*patent number US11,751,316B2.

UC65651-3Up to 640W600/1200More Information
UC1001001-3Up to 640W600/1200More Information
UC1601601-3Up to 640W600/1200More Information
UC1901901-3Up to 640W600/1200More Information
UC2252251-3Up to 640W600/1200More Information
UC2402401-3Up to 640W600/1200More Information
UC3003001-3Up to 640W600/1200More Information
UC3203201-3Up to 640W600/1200More Information

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