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When it comes to advanced manufacturing applications, finding the most reliable X-Ray generators couldn’t be more important. These notoriously demanding applications require a power supply that is not only robust enough to cope with the demands of these operations but also stable enough to reliably function in all conditions. Gulmay is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-voltage, high-quality x-ray generators that are guaranteed to meet these exacting requirements, ensuring a cost-effective, reliable and precise solution for manufacturing plants around the globe.

A Comprehensive Equipment Range

X-ray generators are a key component in the modern industrial x-ray system used for advanced manufacturing applications. In order to ensure the highest possible level of operation and system performance it is vital to ensure highly stable generator output. Gulmay is proud to provide an outstanding range of x-ray generators that have been designed to meet the specific requirements of a range of advanced manufacturing industries.

Options To Suit Industry Needs

As reliability and high-performance are key to success when it comes to x-ray generators for advanced manufacturing applications, it is essential to have a wide range of output options to choose from. Gulmay have risen to the challenge of ensuring our x-ray generators are suitable for a wide variety of purposes, with different Series available that offer outputs between 640W and 4500W to ensure suitability for the broadest spectrum of needs. However, Gulmay also understands that sometimes none of the available solutions will suffice. This is why there are also bespoke options that can be tailored to the individual needs of customers. Not only can customers choose from standard generators, but they can also opt for a customised solution that has been entirely designed around their own requirements for the most cost-effective and efficient solution that is guaranteed to meet expectations and ensure the highest possible level of performance.

Rugged and Durable

You can depend on Gulmay’s high-quality products that have all the essential durability and ruggedness necessary to withstand such a rigorous working environment. With an impressive choice of well-designed products, created with the needs of advanced manufacturing operations in mind, our x-ray generators ensure the best possible performance across a wide variety of working environments. For this reason, our equipment can be found in advanced manufacturing facilities worldwide.




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