Bipolar 320kV X-Ray Tubes

Bipolar 320kV X-Ray Tubes

Gulmay offers a broad range of oil-cooled bipolar 320KV metal ceramic X-ray tubes providing a variety of target angles, focal spots, and power capabilities. For inspection applications that require different imaging parameters, dual and single focus X-ray tubes are available, with small focal spots for high-resolution imaging. In addition, Gulmay offers X-ray tubes with Beryllium (Be) windows for low inherent filtration.

Gulmay x-ray tubes are designed for use in the most demanding of industrial applications such as non destructive testing, security, sorting, inspection and thickness gauging.

320kV X-Ray Tubes

NDI 320/23 NDI 320/26 NDI 321 NDI 322
Nominal Voltage 320kV 320kV 320kV 320kV
Continuous Rating
Small Focus 640 Watts 1500 Watts
Large Focus 1600 Watts 4200 Watts 4000 Watts 3200 Watts
Target Material Tungsten Tungsten Tungsten Tungsten
Target Angle 20° 20° 30° 20°
Coverage 40° 40° 40° 80°x 8°
Maximum mA @ max kV
Small Focus 2mA 4.5mA
Large Focus 5mA 13mA 12.5mA 10mA
Filtration 3.0mm Be 3.0mm Be 3.0mm Be 0.2mm Cu +
0.4mm Fe
Focal Spot Size
EN 12543 1.9mm x 3.6mm 3.0mm x 5.5mm 8.0mm 4.5mm
Nominal 0.8mm x 1.8mm 1.5mm x 4.0mm
Filament Current
Small Max 4.9 Amps 4.9 Amps
Large Max 4.6 Amps 4.6 Amps 4.6 Amps 4.6 Amps
Cooling Medium Oil Oil Oil Oil
Cooling Flow, Min 14L/minute 14 L/minute 14 L/minute 14 L/minute
Lbs 88lbs 88lbs 88lbs 88lbs
Kg 40kg 40kg 40kg 40kg
Socket Type R24 R24 R24 R24

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