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Gulmay offers a broad range of water-cooled unipolar 225KV metal ceramic X-ray tubes from leading manufacturers, providing a variety of target angles, focal spots, and power capabilities. For inspection applications that require different imaging parameters, dual and single focus X-ray tubes are available, with small focal spots for high-resolution imaging.

In addition, Gulmay offers X-ray tubes with Beryllium (Be) windows for low inherent filtration.


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NDI 225/20NDI 225/21NDI 225/22NDI 226NDI 225 FB
Nominal Voltage225kV225kV225kV225kV225kV
Continuous Rating
Small Focus640 Watts640 Watts640 WattsN/AN/A
Large Focus640 Watts1600 Watts3000 Watts3000 Watts3000 Watts
Target MaterialTungstenTungstenTungstenTungstenTungsten
Target Angle20°20°20°30°30°
Maximum mA @ max kV
Small Focus2.8mA2.8mA2.5mAN/AN/A
Large Focus2.8mA7mA13mA13mA13mA
Filtration0.8mm Be0.8mm Be0.8mm Be0.8mm Be1.0mm Cu
Focal Spot Size
EN 125431.0mm x 1.0mm1.0mm x 3.0mm1.0mm x 5.5mm7.5mm7.5mm
Nominal0.4mm x 0.4mm0.4mm x 1.5mm0.4mm x 3.0mmN/AN/A
Filament Current
Small Max4.1 Amps4.1 Amps4.1 AmpsN/AN/A
Large Max4.1 Amps4.2 Amps4.2 Amps4.2 Amps4.2 Amps
Cooling MediumWaterWaterWaterWaterWater
Cooling Flow (Min)4 L/min.4 L/min.4 L/min.4 L/min.4 L/min.
Kg11kg11kg11kg11 kg11kg
Socket TypeR24R24R24R24R24


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