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The Gulmay GX Series is the latest high specification range of high voltage generators ranging in output power from 3025 W to 7500 W. Designed for a wide range of applications, GX generators are available in output voltage configurations from 65KV up to 450KV.

The sub 800mS rise time from zero to full power makes the GX the ideal generator for high speed digital and linear imaging applications. A number of unique and advanced features are incorporated including Variable Frequency, Active PFC technology and Dynamic Tube Arc Management®.

Variable drive frequency up to 45KHz has enabled Gulmay to significantly reduce both the size and weight of GX series generators without compromising performance or reliability. The oil-filled high voltage system provides greater thermal dissipation than resin-filled designs, increasing reliability and ensuring both a 100% duty cycle and full field serviceability. The GX series of generators is compatible with x-ray tubes from all leading manufacturers.


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Maximum Power4500 W
kV Range10 – 450 kV
kV Accuracy± 1% of Demand Value
kV ReproducibilityBetter Than ± 0.01 kV
High Voltage RippleLess than 10.0V/mA with 10M High Voltage Cable
mA Range0-9 mA
mA Accuracy± 0.5% of Demand Value
mA ReproducibilityBetter Than 2µA
Input Voltage220 V ± 10%, 47 – 63 Hz
Input Current25 A at 220 V
Power FactorActive PFC Better Than 0.98
Output ConnectorR28
Dimensions Cathode (W x H X D)412 x 782 x 670 mm
Dimensions Anode (W x H X D)412 x 780 x 670 mm
Weight305 kg combined
Storage Temperature-40° C to + 70° C
Operational Temperature0°C to + 40°C
Relative Humidity95% non-condensing
Duty Cycle100%
CommsAnalogue / RS232 / RS422 / Ethernet


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