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As Metal Ceramic x-ray tubes have evolved Gulmay has developed its product in 3 phases to culminate in a single drive platform capable of powering up to 1000 W and with options of single or dual filament and unipolar or bipolar tube connection.

The current drive platform is based on the ‘FC’ family using IGBT’s at 25 kHz with reduced air inflow to facilitate operation in harsher conditions.


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Maximum Power1000 W
kV Range10 – 320 kV
kV Accuracy± 1% of Demand Value
kV ReproducibilityBetter Than ± 0.05 kV
High Voltage RippleLess Than 5.0V/mA with 10M High Voltage Cable
mA Range0 – 7 mA
mA Accuracy± 0.5% of Demand Value
mA ReproducibilityBetter Than 2µA
Input Voltage220 V ±10% 47 – 63 Hz
Input Current10.6 A at 220 V
Output ConnectorR24
Dimensions Cathode (W x H X D)360 x 428 x 610 mm
Dimensions Anode (W x H X D)360 x 428 x 610 mm
Weight114 kg combined
Storage Temperature-40° C to + 70° C
Operational Temperature0°C to + 40°C
Relative Humidity95%
Duty Cycle100%
CommsAnalogue / RS232 / RS422


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