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Gulmay is a leading supplier of all components required for x-ray applications. This includes non-destructive testing, otherwise known as NDT. Whatever your NDT requirements are, Gulmay will be able to supply you with the perfect solution. As experts in the x-ray field, Gulmay not only supplies NDT tubes but we also work to supply NDT generators. This positions us perfectly to understand your system so that we can find the right x-ray tubes to meet your needs.

Non-destructive testing is the process of testing and analysing without causing damage to whatever is being tested or analysed. The process is often used within the industry to test, analyse and evaluate materials, components and structures or systems. Using this technique allows for flaws or defects to be detected without the need to deconstruct or cause any damage to the material, component or system. Detecting these flaws or defects allows for a reduction in the failure of materials, components and systems, and subsequently increases their reliability.

It is easy to understand why the NDT method would be popular in the industry, and Gulmay provides a range of x-ray tubes designed to be used for NDT within industry. Gulmay manufactures powerful x-ray tubes that can be used for film applications and high-power tubes for digital imaging, depending on what your requirements for the equipment are. The high-power tubes are perfect for situations where the x-ray dose is critical to be able to detect flaws or failure. Each of our tubes is expertly manufactured so that you can use them with confidence.



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Gulmay supplies x-ray tubes that deliver high mA to allow for the achievement of the required contrast for use in applications for low-density materials. High-density material options are also available where high kV is required to penetrate the material with enough x-ray dose to obtain the contrast necessary to detect flaws and failure.

Contact us today to find out how we can meet your NDT x-ray tube needs and discuss your requirements in depth. With locations across the globe, Gulmay really is the perfect choice when it comes to buying your replacement x-ray tubes.