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In the electronics industry, ensuring that wire bonds are secure on semiconductor packages couldn’t be more important. However, checking these internal components can be challenging and costly, involving cutting and cross-sectioning when using traditional methods. This is where x-ray inspection techniques can prove to be invaluable, saving time, effort and cost by allowing the inspection of these concealed parts without any damage or destructive being caused. To ensure that inspections are carried out to the highest standard, however, highly quality x-ray generators for semi-conductors must be used and Gulmay’s products are a number one choice within the electronics sector thanks to their reliability and performance.

X-Ray Generators and Their Electronic Industry Applications

Not so long ago, only destructive techniques were available to inspect semiconductor electronic products for defects such as internal cracks and misalignment. Luckily, thanks to the arrival of accurate and reliable x-ray generators, it is now possible to inspect products destined for shipping without any need for sectioning or cutting.

X-ray inspection techniques allow for even small and hidden internal components to be inspected fully and in high details, so any wire bond or solder defects can be spotted and rectified before shipping, and any cracks, misalignment or shorts in the inner layer can be identified quickly. Thanks to the latest high-quality x-ray generators, it is possible to derive details information about a component’s internal structure with no need to physically take it apart. Images are provided instantly in digital format with no need for film and samples can even be moved and rotated so inspections can be carried out at a range of perspectives and angles with only a single scan required.

Of course, sensitive and reliable x-ray generators are necessary for this kind of complex inspection. For this reason, Gulmay is fully dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-performing products that have been created with the demanding needs of such semiconductor testing applications in mind.

Gulmay’s X-Ray Generators – Ensuring Accuracy and Performance

The team at Gulmay is proud of the brand’s reputation as a leading global designer and manufacturer of high-quality x-ray generators that are tailored to suit the requirements of the most demanding electronic industry semiconductor inspection applications. Designed with accuracy and ultimate reliability at the forefront, our generators ensure complete assurance and quality control within this sector making our products the top choice of the world’s leading electronic manufacturers.




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