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X-ray technology has now been successfully integrated into the field of coordinate metrology thanks to its flexibility and innovation. As a non-contact technology for carrying out dimensional measurements on industrial components, it has proven to have unique advantages when compared with more traditional optical and tactile CMMs or coordinate measuring machines, allowing for non-destructive measurement tasks to be performed that can often not be carried out using any other form of measurement technology. In order for this technology to perform at the highest level, however, the highest performing x-ray generators must be obtained and Gulmay’s products are designed with the demanding needs of this application in mind.

X-Ray Generators And Their Metrology Applications

In the field of industrial production, dimension quality control requirements are becoming increasingly complex. The latest manufacturing technologies are now producing non-accessible and highly complicated internal features that cannot typically be inspected without sectioning or cutting components or by using traditional measurement technologies. This is where the most reliable and up to date x-ray generators have risen to the fore thanks to their unique capabilities. X-ray CT allows a wide range of measurement tasks to be carried out, even on features that are non-accessible in a way that is entirely non-destructive.

For this reason, x-ray measurement technologies offer a host of advantages over their more conventional alternatives:

  • Materials and components can be measured and inspected in one scan
  • Non-accessible and internal features can receive dimensional analysis non-destructively
  • Assemblies can be analysed
  • Measurements can be performed regardless of the surface slope, reflectivity or colour
  • Dense volumetric data can be acquired in a short period of time
  • Reverse engineering becomes possible.

To achieve these benefits, it is necessary to ensure that only the highest-quality x-ray generators are in place that can be relied upon for accuracy and performance. Gulmay is dedicated to designing and manufacturing generators that are tailored to precisely meet the needs of these demanding applications.

Gulmay’s X-Ray Generators – High Performance For Accurate Measurement

Gulmay has long been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-performing, high-quality x-ray generators to meet the needs of demanding metrology applications. Designed with reliability and accuracy at the forefront, our generators lead the way in the sector, with guaranteed performance and functionality that ensures quality control and assurance when it comes to taking even the most complex internal geometric measurements. Our dependable products are the first choice of leading industrial manufacturers thanks to their outstanding quality.




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