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Ensuring the safety of packaged and tinned foods is imperative before these products enter the consumer supply chain. It is for this reason that x-ray food inspection systems have become the industry standard for ensuring maximum contamination detection. The most up to date x-ray systems for food inspection purposes are capable of inspecting a wide range of containers made from a variety of materials including plastic and foil, ensuring that everything from blister packs and sachets to cartons and trays can be thoroughly examined for defects, debris and other forms of contamination. However, to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness, the highest-quality, highest-performance x-ray generators are required, and Gulmay’s products are the number one choice.

X-Ray Generators And Their Food Inspection Applications

X-ray food inspection systems are designed for use on canned and packaged products as well as those in glass containers. Their purpose is to deliver the best-possible detection of physical contamination of the product regardless of shape, location or size. X-ray food inspection technology has proven to be so effective as it remains unaffected by any change in moisture or product temperature and, as a result, performance remains consistent with minimised false rejects as well as complete safety assurance.

X-ray food inspection systems can also carry out quality control checks to measure zoned and gross mass, count components and identify any broken or missing products. It can also monitor portion control, detect any product trapped in seals and check for damages to packaging or products.

For these x-ray systems to function at the required level, however, they need x-ray generators that are capable of withstanding the demanding needs of this industry. Gulmay is dedicated to delivering x-ray generators for the food industry that can meet these requirements to the best possible standard.

High-Quality X-Ray Generators For The Food Production Industry

Gulmay has always shown a complete commitment to ensuring the highest-performing x-ray generators are made available to the food production industry for reliable and accurate product inspections. We are sector leaders, designing and manufacturing x-ray generators that are tailored to meet the needs of this demanding industry. We guarantee the accuracy and performance of our products to ensure quality control and safety across the food manufacturing and production chain so the end consumer can buy in confidence, knowing that every step has been taken to ensure zero risk of contamination within their packaged and tinned products.



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