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Modern healthcare is moving at a phenomenal pace, with technologies changing and advancing all the time. One especially useful and impressive technology that is becoming increasing widespread is the use of digital radiography in place of standard radiography techniques. Digital radiography is even more up to date as a technology than computed radiography since it allows for the direct transfer of x-rayed images into digital imagery. However, in order to harness the power of this cutting-edge technology, it is essential to have reliable and accurate x-ray generators. This is where Gulmay’s products come to the fore.

X-Ray Generators and Their Digital Radiography Applications

Suitable for both fixed-based and portable uses, digital radiography systems offer patients and medical staff a host of benefits. One of the top advantages is that it shortens the length of time for imagery to be seen and assessed by doctors and thus, in turn, for patients to obtain an accurate diagnosis and the treatment that they require. Digital radiography also allows for greater detail to be seen and analysed when compared to standard film, while X-ray operators can work in a safer environment and also benefit from a simpler workflow.

Yet for these benefits to be realised, clinics, hospital and healthcare settings must have high-performance x-ray generators capable of ensuring repeatable and highly-accurate results each and every time. Gulmay has designed x-ray generators that have the specific requirements of the digital radiography sector in mind, creating products that can reliably meet the needs of the demanding healthcare industry.

High-Quality, High-Power X-Ray Generators for Medical Use

Here at Gulmay, we are dedicated to ensuring that only the highest-performance x-ray generators are supplied to the life sciences and medical sector. We are leading the way in the design, manufacture and supply of high-voltage x-ray generators and are proud that the biggest manufacturer of therapeutic x-ray equipment in the world has exclusively chosen to use our products in its radiography applications.

Ultra-high repeatability and extreme stability is essential for any x-ray generator destined for use in the therapeutic radiography industry due to its demanding and sensitive nature. Gulmay can guarantee our products’ high-performance and accuracy in successfully delivering radiotherapy applications in hospitals around the world. Our products are designed to not only outperform standard imaging radiography systems, but also to carry out complex medical radiotherapy for which complete accuracy and reliability are vital.




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