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In the modern world, it has never been more important to have high-performing, reliable cargo screening processes in place in ports of entry such as seaports and airports. Screening cargo is imperative to ensure that no potentially dangerous items are being unwittingly transported and that no attempts are being made to bring contraband in or out of the country.

However, scanning large-scale cargo containers can be difficult due to the complexity and scale of the task in hand, therefore, finding ways to accomplish this task accurately, safely and rapidly has represented a challenge to the logistics industry. Luckily, the arrival of the latest and most advanced x-ray generators for cargo screening has made the task significantly less onerous, a lot more rapid and highly effective for greater safety and security.

X-Ray Generators and Their Cargo Screening Applications

X-ray generators offer a host of benefits and advantages when it comes to cargo screening. The latest advanced x-ray generators provide the power that large x-ray systems require to generate internal images of cargo within just seconds.

Despite the large-scale of this scanning application, the most high-performing x-ray systems, backed up by a suitable generator, are capable of producing images that can compare with those obtained via traditional luggage scanning at airports. Due to the important nature of these objectives, it is essential to ensure complete accuracy and sensitivity of the x-ray generator in order to guarantee reliability at all times.

Gulmay’s X-Ray Generators – Ensuring High Security Through Optimal Accuracy

Gulmay is proud to design and manufacture a high-quality, high-performing range of high-voltage x-ray generators that are created with the demanding requirements of secure cargo screening applications in mind. Our unparalleled reputation for reliability has been built up over many years thanks to our ceaseless work with industry-leading global manufacturers of security systems to develop a product range that perfectly meets the uncompromising requirements and intensive rigours of such security sensitive applications. With our dedication to producing only the best and most sensitive x-ray generators suited to the needs of the world’s airports, ports and other high-security agencies, our products have become the first choice of many leading cargo inspection manufacturers across the globe.




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