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The automotive industry has changed beyond recognition in the past few decades, and these changes have only increased in pace over the last few years. With these changes has come an increased need for more efficient and effective safety inspections to ensure that automotive components are capable of withstanding the rigorous demands placed on them. It is for this reason that x-ray inspection has now become the industry standard thanks to its ability to pinpoint hidden faults and to inspect components in greater depth and detail than ever before.

X-Ray Generators and Their Automotive Applications

The automotive industry uses x-ray generators within the development and quality assurance processes that lie at the heart of the sector. Parts must be checked against safety regulations and structural requirements and, to this end, x-ray generators are an invaluable component in order to guarantee compliance.

X-ray inspection is used to pinpoint defects in several elements of the automotive manufacturing process. From tyres and wheels to cast parts and electro-mechanical parts, x-ray inspection can:

  • Pinpoint welding defects in these components
  • Find missing, cracked and broken parts
  • Detect any misalignment or orientation issues
  • Observe whether certain features are absent or present
  • Spot any foreign objects or debris

Most importantly, with a high-quality x-ray generator in place, it’s possible to detect any of these issues that would, ordinarily, be hidden from view. It also makes it possible to verify product compliance, reduce the incidences of any faults, increase product reliability and safety, reduce or eliminate recall costs and, of course, ensure that the automotive company’s reputation for quality remains secure in the long-term.

Gulmay’s High-Performance X-Ray Generators For Automotive Industries

Gulmay is proud to be leading the way in the design, production and supply of high-performance, high-quality x-ray generators that are durable and robust enough to withstand even the most demanding needs of the automotive industry. Gulmay’s products are the first choice of many of the world’s biggest and best-known automotive companies, and for good reason. With an impressive array of configurations and output powers, our flexible and adaptable products are suited to the needs of a wide variety of automotive x-ray inspection applications. Robust and accurate, Gulmay’s products ensure repeatability time after time and results that are thoroughly reliable. For this reason, Gulmay’s x-ray generators are associated with reputability and high-quality throughout the world’s automotive sector.




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