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Within the aerospace industry there is a need for high performance and complete reliability of components. Finding the most effective ways to inspect those components, therefore, is imperative, and this is where NDT inspection comes into play. Non-Destructive-testing using x-ray inspection is now becoming routine both during manufacturing and in the post-manufacturing phase for quality assurance purposes.

X-ray technologies offer the opportunity to inspect concealed and internal features of fabrications, castings and structures manufactured from virtually any type of material. Whether alloys, ceramics, steels, carbon fibre, synthetic rubber, plastics or glass reinforced plastic, x-ray inspection offers the ability to detect any potential problems at an early stage before such defects become critical. Most importantly, this technology is accurate and rapid, detecting measuring and analysing almost all hard to measure or concealed features so latent or actual problems can be pinpointed.

X-Ray Generators and Their Aerospace Applications

The aerospace industry now routinely utilises x-ray imaging for inspection purposes in order to determine the safety of components during and after manufacturing. Since safety is paramount in this sector, having reliable x-ray generator technology is essential and Gulmay can deliver on all counts.

With Gulmay’s high-performance, high-power x-ray generators in place it is possible to:

  • Pinpoint any welding defects in components
  • Identify porosity
  • Find any cracked, broken or missing parts
  • Spot any orientation or misalignment issues
  • Observe the absence or presence of certain features
  • Spot any debris or foreign objects
  • Spot any non-uniformity
  • Observe overlaps and thicknesses

With accurate, high-quality x-ray generators, it’s also possible to:

  • Detect any concealed defects
  • Verify the compliance of a product
  • Reduce the number of faults
  • Increase the reliability of aerospace products
  • Improve the safety of products
  • Reduce recall costs
  • Maintain and secure the reputation of the aerospace company’s quality in the long-term

Gulmay’s X-Ray Generators for Aerospace Applications

Gulmay is proud to produce the highest quality, highest performance and most durable x-ray generators that are the first choice of some of the biggest aerospace companies around the globe. With a diverse range of output powers and configurations, our uniquely flexible products ensure that there are generators to suit all types of aerospace x-ray inspection need. Designed to withstand even the most rigorous of NDT inspection applications, Gulmay’s products are robust, accurate and, above all, ensure repeatability for the most reliable results. It is for this reason that they are known throughout the world’s aerospace sector as a reputable choice.




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