X-Ray Controllers

Gulmay offer 3 methods of x-ray generator control for maximum flexibility of system integration.

External control is offered through the MP1 Controller, itself available as a 19” unit for simple rack mounting or in a rugged industrial enclosure, or the Virtual MP1 windows® based software package.

All Gulmay generators are available with embedded control using RS232/RS422 interface protocols, utilizing an open architecture software approach which allows for straightforward system integration.

Whether external or embedded control is required, full data logging features provide detailed system information such as error reports, warm-up activity and a graphical report of kV and mA activity prior to an event. Data logs can be extracted and analysed using Gulmay’s freely available Windows-based Logging Client software.

MP1 Controller

MP1 ControllerThe Gulmay MP1 Controller is a microprocessor based controller designed for use with Gulmay highvoltage X-ray generators. Available as a 19″ rack-mount unit or as a stand-alone controller, the MP1 is factory programmed for use with over 110 x-ray tubes.

The MP1 provides dedicated control of all generator functions through a rugged front panel designed to withstand the harshest of operating conditions. Large, bright LEDs provide clear indication of kV, mA, time and system status in both light and dark ambient environments. An RS232 interface provides constant system monitoring and PC control.

The MP1 constantly monitors generator status and interlocks to provide the highest degree of system safety and reliability. Tube software data is fully controlled by Gulmay, ensuring quick and straightforward integration of new and modified x-ray tube specifications.


  • Manual
  • Warm Up
  • Radiographic
  • Fluoroscopic
  • Auto Watt
  • Fluoro Auto Watt
  • RS232 controlled Fluoroscopic
  • RS232 controlled Radiographic


  • Manufacturer default
  • Linear warm up with normal ramp down
  • Exponential warm up with normal ramp down
  • Linear warm up with ceramic tube ramp down
  • Exponential warm up with ceramic tube ramp down


  • Optimal tube conditioning via fully automated warm-up routines safeguards operation and maximises tube lifespan
  • Over 110 x-ray tubes currently available. Additional tube programs can be added by the factory as required
  • Warm-up, error and operator activity logging allows for efficient system diagnosis
  • kV and mA waveforms prior to an error occurrence are stored graphically in the log to aid system fault diagnosis
  • Special start options for dose control systems
  • kV resolution programmable to 0.1kV, mA resolution programmable to 0.01mA

Virtual MP2 Controller

Virtual MP2 ControllerVMP2 is a Windows based software controller designed for use with RS232-controlled Gulmay high-voltage X-ray generators. The VMP2 controller allows users to define operating parameters for radiographic exposure such as kV and mA settings and exposure duration. Fluoroscopic inspection can be accomplished in constant source mode, and production mode applications can be simply achieved using preset exposure information so that exposure conditions may be easily repeated.

A library of over 110 x-ray tubes and the complete selection of Gulmay generators are accessible from simple to use drop-down menus. The built in Auto Watt feature provides total operational x-ray tube protection, while dual warm-up modes help to maintain optimal x-ray tube conditioning and maximise tube lifespan.


Embedded ControllerAll Gulmay Generators are available with embedded control using RS232/RS422 interface protocols. Gulmay’s policy of open software architecture offers ease of system integration. Embedded controls incorporate extensive features including:

  • X-Ray tube selection from the full tube library
  • Wide range of auto warm-up programmes based on manufacturers recommended cycles
  • Stored data techniques
  • Full data logging
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