OL4503 4.5kW Air/Oil cooler

OL4503 Air/Oil Cooler

The OL4503 is closed circuit 4.5kW oil cooler designed to cool bipolar x-ray tubes. The oil is cooled by an air cooled heat exchanger, while oil pressure is limited by an adjustable bypass valve.

The OL4503 is equipped with an adjustable safety flow switch and an over temperature switch providing potential free contacts for interfacing with the x-ray system.

Technical Data
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D 350mm x 650mm x 750mm
Weight (without coolant) 54kg
Coolant Capacity 23l
Coolant Type Transformer Oil
Performance Data
Cooling Capacity @ temperature difference of 22° 4.5kW
Flow Rate 23l per/min @ 3.5 bar
Mains Voltage 230V 50/60Hz ± 10%
Noise Level @ 1m distance 60dB
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -10°C – +40°C
Storage Temperature -25°C – +70°C (empty)
Air Humidity 20% – 90% (non condensing)
Maximum forward pressure 9 bar, + 0.5 -0.2 bar
Flow switch open ≤ 17l per/min
Temperature switch open 55°C

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