Gulmay Works With Air Cargo X-Ray Screening Partners

Governments around the world have demanded that 100% of all air cargo must be screened before it is loaded onto any aircraft. As global threats rise, and as security is enhanced, there is increasing demand for air cargo x-ray screening services that are as efficient as possible to deal with the increased throughput.

Gulmay, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high voltage, high frequency x-ray generators and controllers, has responded by collaborating with Rapiscan Systems to create the FC320-S system. Gulmay’s reputation for reliability and innovation is based on more than 30 years of solid experience. Gulmay delivers the widest range of standard products available to meet the needs of system integrators and manufacturers around the world.

The FC320-S system forms part of Rapiscan’s 638DV 320kV. The Rapiscan system uses high-penetration dual-view x-ray to significantly increase clarity in the threat detection process.

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